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May 2004

Vehicle purchased and driven for a few weeks in its original carbon-pump configuration.

Six year old Jack lines up to launch into the garage.

July 2004

Cleaning out the Back End.

1. Up on the ramps. Lights, blanket, action... 2. The liquid carbon storage vessel (fuel tank) and carbon dioxide pump outlet (exhaust system) looking nervous.
3. Gone! 4. Side view of void where tank was. To be filled with electron storage vessels (batteries).
5. A better view of the carbon carrying components. 6. Oh, sorry, are you taking photos?
August 2004

Cleaning out the Front End.

1. This is where the engine was. (I forgot to take a "before" photo.) 2. Dirty carbon converter at the rear, clean electron flow converter at the front.
3. Dash display didn't work with the motor out, wired it up again to work out why... 4. ...turned out to be one of these earth wires which connect to the display.

Project Pictorial Journal

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