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September 2004

Customise... Measure, draw, make, fit.

1. Install new front springs, yellow means stronger. 2. Same for the rear, all were custom made.
3. The arrival of the all Australian Woods custom battery charger. 4. Tidied up the wiring and removed the transmission for measuring up the motor adapter plate.
5. Started on the rear battery rack... 6. ...which mounts on these big high tensile bolts...

(Not any more, this has been modified and will be shown in the December and January journals.)

7. ...which bolt through the floor under the rear seat.  1. Click here for flywheel coupling drawing.

2. Click here for motor adapter plate drawing.

3. Click here for accessory drive pulley drawing.
October 2004

A big month.

The motor goes in.


1. This is the motor shaft bush which the flywheel bolts onto. It's a very neat fit on the shaft and has two grub screws locked onto the key and a recessed retaining bolt. 2. Because I couldn't source a taper-lock bushing this key locked bush will be glued on so priming is essential.
3. Loctite 609 is the glue of choice. 4. It's bolted on, for good!
5. Motor adapter plate, centre hole is neat fit on motor face flange. 6. Fully recessed bolts.
7. A good view of the bell housing. 8. The bell housing adapter, note the partially recessed bolt holes necessary to clear flywheel.
9. Trial fit. Is there enough room for the drive axle CV joint? No, had to take another 10mm off cut out. 10. The recessed bell housing plate (left) is a neat fit onto the motor plate (right) outside diameter.
11. Six bolts gives more motor position options. 12. A good view of the installed plates and the precisely calculated protrusion of the flywheel bushing. This critical distance is measured from the CO2 motor.
13. The flywheel is now bolted on... 14. ...followed by the clutch and pressure plates.
15. Looks good. 16. Trial out-of-car fit.
17. Now the in-car fit... 18. ...beautiful!

Project Pictorial Journal

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