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June, July, August 2005

Sorry about the delay updating the journal but I've been busy driving my electric car!

1. I'm driving the Electric Echo to work every week day. Approx 32km (20 miles) round trip, charging at both ends. Done about 2,000 km (1,200 miles) as at 31/08/2005.

PS The solar panels and satellite dish in this photo are not part of my EV! I work for a telecommunications company and they just happened to be in the background.

2. Believe it or not, I have (as yet) no EV instrumentation in the vehicle, after extensive testing I know I can drive the vehicle 20km (12 miles) in hilly Brisbane, in stop/start traffic on a warm day to no more than 80% DOD. I have big plans to have extensive logging done of many driving parameters but this is still a couple of months away. 
3. I use an energy meter on the mains supply to see how much energy I really use, approx 5 kWh getting to work (sea level) and 6 kWh coming home (150m). At 16 cents a kWh (green energy) this makes it slightly cheaper than petrol (not including battery costs of course).  

September 2005

Currently working on the following...


1. Install a retractable reel power lead from the filler cap (this will make the e-e look like a very large domestic vacuum cleaner) 3. Data logger (thanks Mark), logging - speed, current, individual battery voltage, vehicle inclination etc.
2. Break the very large battery charger down into components so that I can hide it away under the seats etc. 4. I want slightly more range and power. I have Optima D31's in my sights but at best price $350.00 each I'm very reluctant.
January 2006

Where has the time gone?!

Apologies if you've been waiting for something but the vehicle has been going so well (4,000km+) there's not much to tell.


We're still working on the data logger but we have to keep catching up to the rest of the world! We think we now have a project which will be fairly simple to make and inexpensive but very useful.


I was fortunate to have an article posted about my EV last October on my companies corporate web site. Potentially 45,000 readers (staff). The response was fantastic most people were dumbfounded that an electric car was even possible (they've never been available here in Australia) let alone practical.


I've stumbled across some batteries which I think might be worth a try. These Remco AGM RM12-100 are the right price (approx AUD$220) and probably worth a gamble. They have to be better than what I've got at the moment (cheap wet cell lead acid) and I'm afraid the Optimas are a rip off here in Australia.


February 2006 Just had an article done on the E-E in my green energy supplier's
October 2006 The new Remco batteries are in and going really well but this E-E Journal stuff is hard work! So now I have an E-E blog instead, enjoy.

Project Pictorial Journal

More To Come...