Why would anybody bother converting a car to electric power?
1. Global Warming.
  • For every 100km driven, the average passenger car removes about 5kg of carbon out of the ground, mixes it with oxygen to create about 20kg of carbon dioxide (CO2), and then pumps it into the atmosphere. (Hybrid vehicles do this also.) This carbon dioxide contributes significantly to global warming. More on Global Warming...
  • Electric vehicles that use green energy to charge their batteries emit no greenhouse gases whatsoever, none. See this table for comparisons between the electric Echo and a petrol Echo.
2. Pollution.
  • Apart from carbon dioxide mentioned above there is also carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide. All have their own way of damaging us and the environment even in the smallest of quantities.
  • Electric vehicles emit none of these dangerous and damaging pollutants.

The only reason we're not all driving electric vehicles now is because of the vested interests in the automotive and fossil fuels industries.

Is Global Warming going to have a significant impact on the planet and it's inhabitants? I don't know and neither does anybody else. Is it worth the risk if there really is a viable alternative?